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School Chess Programs

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School Chess Programs

School Chess Programs Inc.  is a national provider of school chess programs for students in grades Pre - K through 12th grade.


We have a unique, fun and engaging curriculum that supports and strengthens important acdemic skills such as math, critical thinking, reading, problem solving and raising test scores.

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About Us

School Chess Programs Align With Your Mission To Create Better Students And Better Humans.

Learning to play chess allows children to measure their skill building progress, develop resiliency and begin to learn how to look at things from another person's perspective. Your school chess program also:

  • Builds creative"thinking outside the box."

  • Improves short term and long term memory.

  • Increases self awareness.

  • Decreases ADHD.

  • Builds strong analytical skill.

About Us

Serving Pre-K to 12th Grade Educators And Students Since 2009.

We Partner With The Best Public, Private, Independent and Charter Schools Across The Nation.


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Serving Neighborhoods, Communities And Families Since 2009

We Partner With The Most Caring Community Based Organizations In The Nation.


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Setting Up Your Chess Program Is Completely Flexible.

You can elect to have regular day classroom instruction, offer school chess programs as part of your after-school enrichment curriculum, or provide your student community a combination of both. 

  • Regular Day Classroom Instruction

  • After School and Extended Day Programs

  • Combination Program Scheduling

Robust Support and Supplemental Learning For Students And Teachers.

Ongoing Support

24 Hour 7 Day A Week Online Support And Practice Platform.

Progress Tracking

Level And Progress Incentives. Trophies, Medals And Certificates. 

Level Mastery

Experienced Instructors.  Engaging, Fun And Interesting Teaching Methods.

Beginner Through Competitive Level Classes And Activities All School Season.

Your students will enjoy learning chess strategy and participating in tournaments and other fun activities with their classmates and other schools.

6 Reasons Why Your School Should Have A Chess Program.

If you're wondering whether a school chess program is a good idea for your school, here is a list of some chess program benefits to check.

  • Chess improves test scores and excitement about coming to school, especially in the lower grades. Even teachers who taught chess reported being more excited about their jobs.

  • Chess education improves both math and reading scores. There is an even larger percent boost if the child also competes in chess tournaments.

  • Students who play chess regularly become better at understanding and accepting accountability for their thoughts and actions.

  • Studies have shown that playing chess can improve the ability to focus and concentrate on take while decreasing the symptoms of ADHD.

  • Studies show that children who play chess experience a significant growth in their creativity.

  • Students who play chess regularly become more empathetic and emotionally intelligent.


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School Chess Programs

Is a great way to increase your students' attention spans, engage their minds off screen and build their self esteem.

Your school's chess program will develop habits and provide benefits to your students that will last for their entire lives.

Fill out the form on this page and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions and answers many school administrators have about starting their school Chess programs.


What grades does my School Chess Program work best for?

The curriculum, lessons and activities are customized to develop habits and strengthen the cognitive abilities suitable for the age and learning stage of the student. Your school chess program serves students in pre-k through 12th grade.


How long is my school chess program term?

Each school chess program usually runs for the entire school season, from fall to summer break. We pause during Christmas, Easter and Summer.


How much will my school chess program cost?

The cost of your School Chess Program will depend on how many grades and students attend. Fill out the form on this page and we will contact you and give you an accurate budget number for your specific school's needs.


How many students per class can participate in my school chess program ?

During attendance in your school chess program, students are paired up and matched with other students in the class for play and practice. This allows us to maintain a high quality learning environment even with a large number of participants. In cases of very large classes (30+ participants an additional instructor may be added. The typical class size is usually around 26 students.


Who are the teachers for my school chess program?

Your School Chess Program teachers are well trained, experienced chess teaching professionals who are specifically efficient in classroom management and keeping students engaged and interested in the lesson and current activity.


School Chess Programs

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